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You benefit from my past to remember that I belong to a local art class and had just witnessed my friend Karen knelt on a male model posing in the deep with his big cock inside her, and buried, to be both to highlight matched only by tightening the vaginal muscles around his erection. I was really into what I had seen all the other kids who had left in various stages of development and turned tail rubbing. I went to Karen, who still knelt astride Michael literotic still with him inside. I kissed her long, slow, and said that was what had happened to look great and asked if he liked too. Michael Hahn rose and stepped forward to take my throbbing cock in her mouth. Michael cum now oozing out of her dripping pussy and she sat on his face, and he was able to lick her pussy while I sucked. The other boys came to us and some of them started sucking and pl